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INET94 Proceedings

Prague, Czech Republic, 13-17 June 1994

In conjunction with the 5th Joint European Networking Conference (JENC5) - Jointly organized by the Internet Society (ISOC) and Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne (RARE)

Conference Sponsors
BT (British Telecomunications plc)
Cisco Systems
Digital Equipment Corporation
Sun Microsystems

Conference Contributors
Deutsche Bundespost - Telekom

Conference Committee
Geoff Manning, Independent Consultant, UK (Chair)
Marieke Dekker, RARE, The Netherlands, (Co-ordination and Assistance)
Elizabeth Barnhart, EDUCOM, USA (Co-ordination and Assistance)
Jan Gruntorád, CVUT, Czech Rupublic (Local Organizers)
Ingrid Ledererová, CVUT, Czech Rupublic (Local Organizers)
Larry Landweber, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA (Internet Society Liaison)
Tomaz Kalin, RARE, The Netherlands (RARE Liaison)
Bernhard Plattner (Programme Committee Liaison)
George Sadowsky, Ney York University, USA (Workshop Liaison)

Programme Committee
Bernhard Plattner, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Chair)
Hannes Lubich, SWITCH, Switzerland (Co-chair)
Judith Kiers, RARE, The Netherlands (Co-ordination & Assistance)

B.R. Plattner
J.P.A. Kiers
A.M. Rutkowski

Most of these proceedings are in gzip'd Postscript form. You will need programs to decompress and view or print these files. We regret that some of the presentations are not available because they were not submitted.

1. User Support And Training
Chair(s): Jill Foster, University of Newcastle, UK; Joyce Reynolds, ISI, Marina del Rey, USA
1.1. Training For The Network Citizen
Chair(s): Peter Kemp, University of Glasgow, Scotland
1.1.1 Educate - End-User Courses In Information Access Through Communication Technology, Nancy Fjaellbrant, Sweden
1.1.2 Approaches To Network Training With Particular Reference To A Perceived Need For Self-Help Materials, Margaret Isaacs, UK
1.1.3 Network Training: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace?, Jodi-Ann Chu, USA
1.2. Network Information: Tools And Access
Chair(s): David Sitman, EARN, France
1.2.1 Mosaic, WWW And Networked Multimedia As A Learning Tool, Michael Greenhalgh, Australia
1.2.2 Becoming An Information Provider On The WWW, Brian Kelly, UK
1.2.3 Wild Beasts And Unapproachable Bogs, Chris Weider, USA
1.3. Electronic Documents
Chair(s): Maria Heijne, SURFnet BV, The Netherlands
1.3.1 From Babel To Edil: The Evolution Of A Standard, Andrew Braid, UK
1.3.2 Eldoradoc 'The Promised Land Of Gold?, Robert Janz, The Netherlands
1.3.3 Red Sage, Czeslaw Jan Grycz , USA
1.3.4 Networked Delivery Of Multimedia Resources, Jane Williams, UK
1.4. Building And Supporting Electronic Communities
Chair(s): David Conrad, Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Japan
1.4.1 Rural Datafication: A Multiple-Network Collaboration To Extend The Internet To Underserved Communities, E. Michael Staman, John Hankins, Paul Holbrook And Rhana Jacot, USA
1.4.2 Building Electronic Communities: Implementing Electronic Communication Within The European Law Students' Association (Elsa ), Christian B. Fulda, Switzerland
1.4.3 The Internet And Schools: A Survey Of Networking Activities, Tracy Laquey Parker, USA
1.5. Power To The User! Enabling Users To Help Themselves
Chair(s): Rolf Nordhagen, University of Oslo. Information Technology Services, Norway
1.5.1 Panel: Power To The User, Robert F. Janz, University Of Groningen, The Netherlands
1.5.2 Panel: Power To The User, David Hartland, Nisp/Mailbase, Newcastle University, UK
1.5.3 Panel: Power To The User, Anders Gillner, Nordunet, The Royal Institute Oftechnology, Sweden
1.6. Issues In Building The Virtual Library
Chair(s): Michael Breaks, Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh, Scotland
1.6.1 Internet Resource Guides: Stories For The Net, Louis B. Rosenfeld, USA
1.6.2 Commercial Services On The Infobahn , George Brett, USA
1.6.3 Electronic Journals: Transforming The Information Cycle?, Hans Roes, The Netherlands
2. Distributed Applications
Chair(s): Erik Huizer, SURFnet, The Netherlands; Barry Leiner, USRA, USA
2.1. MultiMedia (Part 1)
Chair(s): Chris Adie, Edinburgh Univrsity Computing Serivce, UK
2.1.1 FOCS - A Toolkit For Flexibility Telecommunication Systems, Jens-Peter Redlich, Germany
2.1.2 HTML And Mosaic: A Taste For More, Peter Linde, The Netherlands
2.1.3 Developments In WWW Technology, Dave Raggett, UK
2.2. Internet Usage And Dial-Up Access
Chair(s): Hariharasubrahmanian Shrikumar, India; Archie Marshall, Jamaica
2.2.1 Connecting The Carribean Area, Archie Marshall, Jamaica
2.2.2 Thinternet: Life At The End Of A Tether, H. Shrikumar, India
2.2.3 The Growth Of IP Usage At Chrysler, Robert Moskowitz, USA
2.2.4 Dial-Up In India: Needs, Demands And Regulation, T.H. Choudary, India
2.2.5 Dial-Up X.400 Is Moved Forward By The APS Alliance, David Knight, USA
2.2.,,, 223.doc.gz,,,,, A Worldwide X.28, Jean Mourain, Sita, France
2.4. Networked Simulation And Virtual Reality
Chair(s): Mark Pullen, George Mason University, USA
2.4.1 Distributed Virtual Simulation, Duncan Miller, USA
2.4.2 Extending WWW To Support Platform Independent Virtual Reality, Dave Raggett, UK
2.4.3 Internetting Distributed Virtual Simulation, Mark Pullen, USA
2.5. Multimedia (Part 2)
Chair(s): John Dyer, Joint Network Team (JANET), UK
2.5.1 Remote Seminars Through Multimedia Conferencing: Experiences From The Mice Project, Martina Angela Sasse, Ulf Bilting, Claus-Dieter Schulz And Thierry Turletti, Sweden
2.5.2 Experience With Large Videoconferences On Xunet Ii, S. Keshav, USA
2.5.3 NTTs Strategy For Highspeed Multimedia Communications, Akihiro Shimizu And Hisao Uose, Japan
2.6. Directory Services
Chair(s): Paul-André Pays, INRIA, France
2.6.1 Strangers In Paradise , Bruno Koechlin, Katy Treca And Paul-Andre Pays, France
2.6.2 Schema Publishing In X.500 Directory, P.V. Rajeev, S.V. Raghavan, India And Glenn Mansfield, Japan
2.6.3 The Solo Directory Access Protocol, Christian Huitema, France
3. Policy Issues
Chair(s): Mike Roberts, EDUCOM, USA; Jürgen Harms, University of Geneva, Switzerland
3.1. National And Regional Policies
Chair(s): Tomaz Kalin, RARE, The Netherlands
3.1.1 The European Commission RTD Networking Strategy, Luis Rodriguez Rosello, Dg Xiii C/3, EU
3.1.2 Policy Issues From A Pacific Perspective, Geoff Huston, Australia
3.1.3 USA Policy Update, Stephen Wolff, USA
3.1.4 Policies Required For The Internet Development, Vinton G. Cerf, USA
3.2. International Coordination of Internet Standards
Chair(s): Lyman Chapin, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Cambridge, USA
3.2.1 Panel: Evolution Of OSI And IP Protocols In The International Policy Context, Steven Wolff, National Science Foundation, USA
3.2.2 Panel: Evolution Of OSI And IP Protocols In The International Policy Context, Erik Huizer, Surfnet, The Netherlands
3.2.3 Panel: Evolution Of OSI And IP Protocols In The International Policy Context, Lyman Chapin, Bolt Beranek Nad Newman, USA
3.3. European CERT Activities
Chair(s): Hannes Lubich, SWITCH, Switzerland
3.3.1 The DFN-CERT Experience: Building Up A New CERT Within Europe, Klaus-Peter Kossakowski, Germany
3.3.2 Current Development Of CERTs In Europe: A Progress Report, Barry Spaul, UK
3.4. The Economics Of Networks And Network Growth
Chair(s): Robert Cohen, Consultant, USA
3.4.1 From Switch To Switch* - Extrapolating From A Case Study, Jurgen Harms, Switzerland
3.4.2 Funding An Internet Public Good: Definitions And Example, Martyne Hallgren, USA
3.4.3 The Changing Internet Landscape: A Six-Year Perspective From NSFnet Data, Eric Aupperle And Ellen Hoffman, USA
3.5. Privacy
Chair(s): Richard Jay Solomon, MIT, USA
3.5.1 Electronic Privacy Legislation In The USA, Marc Rotenberg, USA
3.5.2 Principles Of Internet Privacy, Frank Tuerkheimer, USA
3.6. The Internet And The Press
Chair(s): Ole Jacobsen, ConneXions, USA. Discussion forum with participants from Europe, USA and the rest of the World
3.6.1 Panel:The Internet And The Media, Rick Tetzeli, Fortune Magazine, USA
3.6.2 Panel:The Internet And The Media, Vinton G. Cerf, ISOC, USA
3.6.3 Panel:The Internet And The Media, Peter Judge, Technology Appraisals, UK
3.6.4 Panel:The Internet And The Media, Ole Jacobsen, Connexions, USA
4. Regional Issues
Chair(s): Richard Mandelbaum, NYSERNet, USA
4.1. Network Assists Societal Stability/Networking
Chair(s): Steve Goldstein, National Science Foundation, USA
4.1.1 The Role Of The Internet In Distance Education: The Russian Experience, Peter Thomas, USA And Alexei Platonov, Russia
4.1.2 Marketing The Internet To The Industrial R & D Sector In Israel, Dov Winer And Jacob Bar, Israel
4.2. Regional Developments I - Eastern Europe And CIS
Chair(s): Frode Greisen, UNI-C Lyngby, Denmark
4.2.1 The Romanian National Academic Network: The Regional Node Of Cluj-Napoca, Kalman Pusztai, Vasile Dadarlat And Marius Joldos, Rumania
4.2.2 Satellite Link Moscow-Maribor: The Aims And The Prospective, Slobodanka Vidakovic, Slovenia And Dmitry Demidov, CIS
4.2.3 Networking For Science And Education In Byelorussia, Andrey Ivanov And Sergei Kritsky, CIS
4.2.4 Coordinating Networks In Central And Eastern Europe: CEEnet, Peter Rastl, Austria
4.2.5 Russian Networks And Services, General And Subject Oriented, Nikolai Repin, CIS
4.3. Regional Developments II = Pacific Rim And Latin America
Chair(s): Richard Mandelbaum, NYSERNet, USA
4.3.1 Chilean Network For Primary Schools, Ernesto Laval, Pedro E. Hepp And Enrique Hinostroza, Chile
4.3.2 Electronic Networking: Social And Policy Aspects Of A Rapidly Growing Technology, Daniel Ingvarson, Dora Marinova And Peter Newman, Australia
4.3.3 Issues In Academic Networking In The PRC, Franklin F. Kuo, Jian Ding, Cindy Zheng And Farooq Hussain, USA
4.3.4 An Internet Project For 100.000 Users In Thailand, Srisakdi Charmonman And Firouz Anaraki, Thailand
4.3.5 The Pacific Neighborhood Consortium: A Status Report, Art St. George, USA
4.4. Internationalization Of Network Applications
Chair(s): Borka Jerman-Blazic, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Sloveni
4.4.1 A Tool Supporting The Internationalisation Of The Generic Network Services, Borka Jerman-Blazic, Slovenia
4.4.2 Creating An Internet-Enhanced Directory Of Central And Eastern European Environmental Libraries, Czeslaw Jan Grycz, USA
4.4.3 Writing Your Own Language In X.400 Messages, Harald Alvestrand, Norway
4.5. Regional Developments III - Africa and the Middle East
Chair(s): Mondher Mokni, Tunisia
4.5.1 A National Research And Technology Network In Tunisia: A Must For Innovation And Technology Transfer, Mondher Makni, Khaled Sellami, Karima Bounemra Ben Soltane, Tunisia
4.5.2 Connectivity And Internetworking Requirements For Africa, Tierno S. Bah, USA
4.6. National Research and Education Networks, Telephone Companies and PTT's
Chair(s): Gary Augustson, Pennsylvania State University, USA
4.6.1 Panel: Telephone Companies And PTT's, Howard Davies, Dante, UK
4.6.2 Panel: Telephone Companies And PTT's, Dave Riffelmacher, Eurotel, Prague, Czech Republic
4.6.3 Panel: Telephone Companies And PTT's, Rhett Williams, Att Europe, Belgium
5. Network Engineering
Chair(s): Elise Gerich, Merit Network Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Peter Elford, Cisco Systems, Australia
5.1. Routing And Addressing
Chair(s): Elise Gerich, Merit Network Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
5.1.1 Comparison Of Geographical And Provider-Rooted Internet Addressing, Paul Francis, Japan
5.1.2 Authority And Routing Registration For Clns Networks, Henk Steenman, The Netherlands And Marcel Wiget, Switzerland
5.1.3 Rough Cuts - CIDR Deployment, Bill Manning, USA
5.2. Performance Analysis
Chair(s): Olivier Martin, CERN, Switzerland
5.2.1 Optimising Ftp Traffic In The Internet, K. Jayanthi, G. Mansfield, Y.Kimura, T. Johannsen, Y. Nemoto And S. Noguchi, Japan
5.2.2 Internet Interaction Pinged And Mapped, John S. Quarterman, Smoot Carl-Mitchell And Gretchen Phillips, USA
5.2.3 Windowed Ping: An IP Layer Performance Disgnostic, Matt Mathis, USA
5.3. Heterogeneous Networks
Chair(s): Toshiya Asaba, Internet Initiative Japan, Inc., Japan
5.3.1 Generic: Living Multi-Protocols For Years. So What?, Manfred Bogen, Germany
5.3.2 The INFNet Distributed Gateway System, C. Allocchio, P. Bonetti And A. Ghiselli, Italy
5.4. Joint Videoconference With EEMA
Chair(s): Jeroen Houttuin, RARE, The Netherlands
5.5. Quality Assurance
Chair(s): Manfred Bogen, GMD, St. Augustin, Germany
5.5.1 Assessing Quality From An Internet Service Provider, Peter Dawe, UK
5.5.2 There Is No Such Thing As A Free Internet, Dai Davies, UK
5.5.3 From Network Quality To Project Quality, Wulf-Dieter Bauerfeld, Germany
5.6. Network Management
Chair(s): Peter Elford, Cisco Systems, Australia
5.6.1 A High-Level Notation For The Specification Of Network Management Applications, Alfredo C.S.C. Brites, Paulo A.F. Simoes, Paulo M.C. Leitao, Edmundo H.S. Monteiro And Fernando P.L. Boavida Fernandes, Portugal
5.6.2 A Scheme For Ftp Management, Jose Aparecido Carrilho And Edmundo Madeira, Brazil
5.6.3 Network Discovery Algorithms For The NSFnet, Bill Norton, USA
6. Network Technology
Chair(s): Paul Mockapetris, ISI, Marina del Rey, USA, Juha Heinanen, FUNET, Finland
6.1. ATM Standardization And Deployment: Current Status And Issues
Chair(s): Fred Sammartino
6.1.1 ATM Standardization And Deployment:Current Status And Issues, Fred Sammartino
6.2. Broadband Technology
Chair(s): Jaap van Till, Consultancy Group Stratix BV, The Netherlands
6.2.1 Vince - A Vendor Independent Network Control Environment, Allison Mankin And Eric Hoffman, USA
6.2.2 Sorting Out Reality From The Hype: Why You Should Be Interested In ATM Wans, Milo Medin, USA
6.2.3 Bay Area Broadband Testbeds And Technology, Mark Laubach And Berry Kercheval, USA
6.3. Broadband Deployment And Experiments
Chair(s): Mark Laubach, HP Labs, USA
6.3.1 Overview Of US Testbeds, Darleen Fisher, And Mike Stjohns, USA
6.3.2 Implementation Of A B-ISDN/ATM Connectionless Data Service In An Internet Environment, Nail Kavak, Kim Laraqui, Ala Nazari And Patrick Ernberg, Sweden
6.3.3 Bali - Integration Of Inhouse Atm And LANs/WANs: An Ideal Base For Multimedia Teleservices, Hermann Hartenthaler, Dirk Hetzer And Berthold Butscher, Germany
6.4. Mobility
Chair(s): Charles Perkins, T.J. Watson Research Center IBM, USA
6.4.1 An ISO IP Protocol Suite For The Integrated Road Transport And Traffic Mobile Environment, Kim Laraqui, Magnus Lengdell, Frank Reichert And Andreas Fasbender, Sweden
6.4.2 The Internet Mobile Host Protocol, Charles E. Perkins, Andrew W. Myles And David B. Johnson, USA
6.4.3 IP/Secure: Providing Security On Datagram Delivery For Mobile Host Environment, Takeshi Tanida And Yoichi Shinoda, Japan
6.5. IPNG: State Of The Art And Process
Chair(s): Allison Mankin, NRL, USA
6.5.1 Report From The IPGN Directorate, Scott Bradner, USA
6.5.2 A Vendor's Perspective, Stev Knowles, USA
6.5.3 ATM And IPNG, Fred Sammartino, USA
6.6. Future Generations Of Internet Technology
Chair(s): Dave Morton, ECRC, Munich, Germany
6.6.1 DDT - A Versatile Tunnelling Technology, Noritoshi Demizu And Suguru Yamaguchi, Japan
6.6.2 Growing The Mbone: Scaling, Performance, And Security Issues With Internet Multicasting, Steve Deering, USA
6.6.3 Massive And Real Time Storage Server For Multimedia Applications, Milind Buddhikot And Guru Parulkar, USA

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