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This page (and pages under it) changes very often. Informations here are mostly only provisional. If you want to quote anything from this page or put a link to it in your page, please, ask me first.

All my pages are available from Prague.
More up-to-date version of top-level and new pages may be available from CERN.

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I've put also some interesting documents and links on the Server I administer, mainly to the Computing Page and Atlas Page. 

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Pavel Binko, Kors Bos, Toby Burnett @Seatle, Toby Burnett @CERN, David Candlin, Rosemary Candlin, Jiri Chudoba, Tomas Davidek, Paula Eerola, Steve Fisher, Jiri Grygar, Tomas Kail, Juergen Knobloch, Pavel Kolar, Jana Krasova, Isidor Kouvelas, Peter Luthaus @Dortmund, Peter Luthaus @CERN, Carmen Maidantchik, Massimo Marino, Jiri Masik, David Maxera, Karel Piska, Fons Rademakers, Milan Rott, Karel Sandler, Rd Schaffer, Vladislav Simak, Maria Smizanska @Prague, Maria Smizanska @CERN, Martin Stedron, Petr Tas, Bas Tummers, Lassi A. Tuura @Finland, Lassi A. Tuura @CERN 
I am:
Les Tilleuls 
Chateau des Bains 
4, chemid de la Ramaz 
F-01630 Sergy 
CH-1211 Geneve 23 
K Lipam 298/16 
CZ- 190 00 Prague 9 - Prosek 
Czech Republic
Division of Elementary Particle Physics 
Institute of Physics 
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 
Na Slovance 2 
CZ- 180 40 Prague 8 
Czech Republic
phone: France-04-50-42-20-23  phone: Switzerland-22-767-5429 
fax: Switzerland-22-767-8350
phone: CzechRepublic-889-321 phone: CzechRepublic-02-6605-2159 
fax: CzechRepublic-02-821-227